Margaret Potter

Margaret Amy "Marge" Potter

1922 - 2019

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Obituary of Margaret Amy Potter

Margaret Amy Gibbs was born on April 8, 1922, in San Diego, California, the youngest child of Floyd and Olive Gibbs. Her older siblings were George, Harold and the twins, Donald and Dorothy. 


Marge grew up mostly in San Diego and Ramona. She met Jim Potter when they were both teenagers at the East San Diego Seventh-Day-Adventist Church while she was staying with her Uncle Ernie and cousin Margie. When Marge was at home in Ramona, Jim drove up to visit her and they hiked and explored the area. Marge would jump from rock to rock and Jim often said that she was as sure footed and graceful as a gazelle.


Jim and Marge were married in Ramona, California, January 26, 1941.They raised three daughters, Sharilyn Gail, Judith Rae and Janice Kaye. In addition to her immediate family, Marge welcomed new people to the family regularly. Jim and Marge were married for 70 years.


Marge was an amazing hostess. Her home was a gathering place for friends and family. She made sure that no one visiting her home would leave hungry. She prepared enough food that there was plenty left over. If the food was cleaned up, she had failed.  Someone might not have gotten enough. She would keep passing you food and say “here, have some more”. Her family joked about her being a “pusher”……..of food.


Marge loved every baby she saw. Somehow, they always ended up in her arms. She adored being a grandma and squealed with delight each time her grandbabies came to visit. As they got older, she spoiled them all. She was an awesome Mother and Grandma.


She had a passion for dolls. Her daughters received dolls of all kinds for every Christmas and birthday, baby dolls, little girl dolls and collections of story book dolls. The granddaughters and great granddaughters were the next recipients. Marge even made porcelain dolls and the fancy, frilly clothes to dress them in.


She loved everything pretty and surrounded herself with her “pretties“, her teapot collection, the glass items on her dresser, etc. and displayed them everywhere shecould see them. She collected many things over the years. All she had to do was express an interest and her family gladly added to her collection as gifts for every occasion. 


She loved the birds and flowers. She fed and attracted birds to her yard so she could enjoy them daily.Bird watching was a hobby for her. She and Jim traveled extensively across the United States and other countries to see new and exotic birds.


Into her 90’s, Marge walked three miles a day. Carrying dog bones in her pocket she met many neighbors walking their dogs, and each dog she met received a treat. She knew the name of every dog, but not necessarily the dog owners name.


Her walking partner, Rose, said she had the sweetness, naivety and innocence of a child because of the delight she showed with all the people and creatures she met.


Mike and Paula, another neighborhood couple she met, with their dog Harley, said there was something about her that just drew you in. They were some of the many neighbors she counted as “family”. She had a way of making everyone feel like family.


It was no secret that Christmas was her very favorite time of the year. She loved Christmas with a childlike delight.  Every room in her house was decorated. Her fairy garden was all decked out for Christmas, as well as many lights and lawn decorations outside, well before Thanksgiving. She just couldn’t wait. As part of the excitement and preparation for Christmas, she poured through cookie recipes for weeks, making lists of every ingredient she would need. She baked daily all month and assembled dozens of platters for friends, family and neighbors.


Her garden was a source of pleasure and therapy for her. Getting down on her knees, digging out crab grass to make room for her Iris bulbs and planting flowers to attract butterflies and birds was not work for her but something she enjoyed immensely. Even at 94 she was helping to shovel 15 yards of dirt into the “South 40” to create the garden you will see today. Until the last six months she was still digging holes to plant her flowers.


Most of all, Marge loved family and friends. During the last few weeks, she had many visitors, both family and friends she had not seen for a while. She greeted each one with pleasure, saying “is that my Gary” or “is that my Marky”. You can each insert your own name there. Every visitor was able to have a personal conversation with her and share fond memories. It was a very special and beautiful time of sharing love.


Marge’s abundance of love will continue to inspire us, and she will be dearly missed. She was ready to rest and join Jim at Miramar National Cemetery, waiting together for Jesus’ return.


          We will see you in the morning Mama and Daddy




Daughters: Sherrie Jenkins, Judi Wilcox, Jan Hutson


Grandchildren: Linda Loeffler, Laurie Kellerhouse, Jerry Wilcox, Tami        Miller, Bobby Wilcox, d’Ann Jacoban, Wendee Zumalt


Seventeen Great-Grandchildren, Four Great-Great-Grandchildren

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