Kay Lynn Kepple

Our Beloved Mother May 10th, 1942 to August 13, 2021


Our Beautiful Nana Kay L. Kepple. Mama, we miss you, we love you-mama we will never forget .... your beautiful smile, the light of your eyes, your laughter, and humor but most of all your heart. Mama, we miss you, and we will never forget ... the sound of your beautiful voice, all the songs, the loving and gentle touch of your hands and spirit.... mama you let us know we were loved. Mama, we love and miss you, we will never forget ...all your wonderful stories you told, you showed us that God is love, and to love always ....it always wins! In all those things you handed down... they let us know who we are...Mama, we miss you, we will never forget.... the lessons you taught, the things you stood for they are your gifts to us ...Our legacy...Mama, we love and will miss you, we will never forget ...your love.....we will always think of you and know that you are with us every day in our hearts... Mama, we miss you, Mama we will never forget ...to honor you in how we live and who we are... Mama, we will always love and miss you... One day Mama we will see you again ...until that day mama, you will be forever missed you are so forever loved we will never never forget ...


Kay spent many of her early years growing up in Pacific Beach. Where she enjoyed many sunny beach days along with her brother Jack, Sister's Carol, and Sandy. Later she married her high school sweetheart the late Mr. John M. Kepple, they both moved to Texas where joined her mother Ruth. Then moved back to San Diego in 1961 where they went on to have a family and raised three beautiful children. In 1976 kay gave her life to Jesus Christ and was born again at Bancroft Baptist Church. Where she loved bringing people to Christ, planting seeds with everyone she met. She spent many hours volunteering her time with telephone ministries helping with the hotline for recovering addicts and suicide survivors. Praying for those who needed healing, she was very compassionate and always ready to give of herself. In the late 1990's she joined the choir at Faith Chapel and also joined in acting in the Easter plays. She loved life and dedicating her time. In her late 50's she joined the San Diego Dance Society, The El Prado in Balboa Park where Kay loved tap dancing and Jass she enjoyed many years of dance. Kay enjoyed being involved in all our lives and giving of herself whenever she could. Kay would become NANA to 10 grandchildren and 8 Great-grandchildren.  She is known for her beautiful Red hair, very beautiful eyes, her smile that could light up a room, her beautiful singing voice, all her jokes, and laughter but most of all her kindness to everyone ....she had a sweet sweet soul. She will be missed tremendously forever! OUR beautiful nana. She truly was everyone’s nana, a gift from heaven.