What to Do When Someone Dies

When a loved one dies, give yourself, your family and friends adequate time to experience and acknowledge the loss. Call your clergy or spiritual advisor, family members, or friends to be with you during the first few hours immediately after the death.

Contact Your Funeral Home

As soon as possible, call your funeral home. Our professionals are available day or night to answer your questions, provide guidance, and arrange for the transfer of your loved one into our care. You can call us 24/7 at 619-337-1400.

If death occurs away from home or out-of-state, we’ll make the necessary arrangements to prepare and transfer your loved one to our funeral home. If the person who has died must be transported out-of-state, we can make necessary travel arrangements and coordinate services with the destination funeral home.

Notify the Proper Authorities

At Home or at Work

When someone dies at home or at work, emergency medical personnel must be contacted, and the death must be reported, usually by calling 911. If the death was expected, and he or she was under a doctor’s care, contact their physician too.

At a Care Facility

When someone dies in a hospital or in a nursing home, the staff can notify the proper authorities on your behalf, including the funeral home.

Under Hospice Care

When someone dies and hospice is involved, contact the hospice providers instead of 911. They can notify the proper authorities and the funeral home on your behalf.

Organ Donations

When the person who dies has made arrangements for organ or whole body donation, inform their care facility if they are in a nursing home or a hospital, or contact the medical school, LifeSharing, Science Care or other recipient organization.

Schedule an Arrangement Conference

When death occurs, you and your family will need to make a lot of very personal decisions. We encourage you to schedule an arrangement conference as soon as possible. Our counselors will answer your questions, invite you to voice any concerns you might have, and help you plan a meaningful funeral.