What to Bring to the Conference

For your convenience, we have created a checklist of paperwork and other items to bring to the arrangement conference.

Arrangement Conference Checklist

Gather as many of these items as you can and bring them to the arrangement conference. This well help us make the process as smooth as possible for you.

Veteran’s Discharge Papers ✓

We will need the DD-214 discharge papers and the flag request to secure a flag for burial and to otherwise assist you in applying for military burial benefits, eligibility, filing and advance planning.

Social Security Number ✓

We need this to communicate with the Social Security administration. We will notify them of the death on your behalf. Please let us know if there are any dependents that may be eligible for benefits. We also need the social security number for the death certificate.

Insurance Policies, Pre-Need or Pre-Arrangement Policies ✓

We’ll review your policies with you, and make sure you understand them. We’ll also provide any pre-need planning information the person who died may have on file with us.

Health Care Directive ✓

(Also known as a Durable Power of Attorney for Health.) If you are not the legal next of kin, we will need this document.

Obituary Guidance Form ✓

Please bring a completed obituary guidance form which you can download from our website.

Vital Statistics ✓

Please bring the vital statistics and attending physician’s contact information.

Clergy or Spiritual Adviser ✓

Please provide a name and phone number.

Personal Items ✓

Please consider and bring with you appropriate clothing including underwear, shoes, glasses, and dentures as well as other personal items as applicable. Jewelry and other remembrance items can be returned.

Photos ✓

Select several photos to choose from for the obituary. You can either bring them to the arrangement conference or email them to us prior to our meeting.