What the Funeral Home Does

Beginning with your first call, we’re actively committed to helping you and your family through what is a difficult and often new experience. Depending on your personal choices, we care for the deceased, coordinate your funeral preferences, and assist you with essential paperwork.

We are here for you 24/7 every day, and 365 days of the year. Call us at 619-337-1400.

Care for the Deceased

  • If necessary, notify the proper authorities that a death has occurred
  • Transfer the deceased into our care (day or night), or make arrangements for preparation and transportation if death occurs out of state or out of country
  • Provide professional care for the deceased such as bathing and/or embalming, restorative art, dressing, cosmetology and hairstyling

Coordinate Your Funeral Preferences

  • Compose or assist you in composing an obituary, submit it to newspapers of your choosing, and post it online
  • Facilitate the purchase of a casket, urn and burial vault if appropriate
  • Arrange for music, and coordinate with clergy and speakers
  • Order funeral sprays and other flower arrangements on your behalf
  • Provide facilities and chapels for visitation, viewing or service including staff as needed to assist with or manage the set up of flowers, a guest register, acknowledgment cards, memorial folders or prayer cards, memory boards, photo galleries, etc.
  • Arrange for transportation to the funeral service and/or cemetery for you and your family
  • Arrange for transportation of your loved one to the funeral site, cemetery or other place of burial, entombment or crematory
  • Make necessary arrangements with the cemetery, crematory or other place you choose for the final disposition of our loved one, including the opening and closing of the grave if you choose burial, with attention to any fees, regulations or special requirements
  • Gather flowers, register book, flower cards, memorial contributions made to the family, photos, tribute DVD’s and any other items included in the service, and return them to you and your family
  • Provide grief resources

Provide Assistance with Essential Paperwork

  • Prepare and file the death certificate, as well as any other necessary permits and authorizations
  • Provide the requested number of certified copies of the death certificate for insurance and benefit processing
  • Offer professional staff assistance with insurance, Social Security or Veteran’s Administration paperwork to ensure it’s properly filed for receipt of benefits