Funding a Pre-Planned Funeral

Although funding your funeral in advance is not required, our pre-need programs protect your family from inflation, and guarantee that your survivors will never have to come up with additional funds for the services and merchandise that you select. They can also be transferred to another funeral home if you choose.

The Choice is Yours

When you pre-pay, you remove any worry about paying for your funeral. But you don’t have to pre-fund your funeral in order to plan ahead. An un-funded pre-arrangement documents your funeral preferences without any pre-payment.

Either way, we encourage everyone to make their wishes known, and most importantly, to get them down in writing. We’ll guide you through the process of choosing and recording your preferences, and we’ll keep them on file for you. When the time comes, your family will not have to make these decisions under stressful conditions,

Filing Your Pre-need Documents

Whether you choose a pre-funded or un-funded arrangement, it’s important to make sure that your family knows you have documented your preferences. We encourage you to keep your funeral arrangement plans on file with us so your family won’t need to look for them when they are needed.

You can also file your preferences with an attorney, or with your other important papers. If you do that, make sure they are easily accessed, and don’t file them in a safety deposit box, since safety deposit boxes are frequently not opened before the funeral.

It’s a Thoughtful Gift

You’ll be amazed at how good you feel when you make your wishes known and complete a written record. You will enjoy peace of mind knowing that these decisions have not been left for your loved ones to face.