Yvonne Pasternak

August 15, 1929 to August 12, 2017



In memory of our loving, and well-loved, Yvonne… wife and mother…

Born August 1929 to Eli and Eva Pearson, her early years were a life of privilege, living with her parents and three sisters outside the city of Coventry, England.  She would tell stories of a life with nannies and governesses, lavish parties with the likes of Mae West, horse-back riding, love and joy.

And then the war came to their back yard.  The Coventry Blitz.  An 11-year-old with her mother and three sisters enduring fear and uncertainty.   From 1940 to the summer of 1942 they would hear the wail of sirens, shelter from the bombing raids, and rise to see destruction.  Yvonne rarely spoke of these times, but when she did, she always included the courage of her mother to keep her young girls safe and as carefree as possible.

Visiting the ruins of the Coventry Cathedral in 2007 Yvonne recounted the view of skeletal, smoldering trees, debris of destroyed buildings, and the vision of her friend, through smoke and ash, standing perplexed in the doorway of his home – now rubble.  They did not have a word for post-traumatic stress back then…

April 4, 1953, she married, truly the love of her life, Ted.  The next 64 years were never dull.  She left her dear sisters to follow her husband first to Canada, then soon after to the United States.  She gave birth to their first daughter in Schenectady, NY in 1956.  Less than two years later their second daughter arrived in Painesville, Ohio.  Number three daughter was also born in Ohio, with the final two daughters joining the tribe in Sacramento, California.

Yvonne worked hard to always create a secure and joyful home.  She made sure her family enjoyed events and precious moments… more than value material things.  Family life was full of camping, skiing, sailing, friends, and pool-side fun.

What Yvonne leaves in her wake is her husband Ted, who continues to love her dearly, five strong women who have taken her life-lessons to heart, and 10 beautiful grandchildren who reap the benefits of having parents who thrive because of the love and integrity that was, and continues to be, Yvonne.

Cheers to you Yvonne Pasternak for being a truly successful human being.  We thank you for all you gave us.  We love you so.