Robert "Bob" Henry Miller Jr.

September 28, 1941 to November 11, 2017

If there is one word that is synonymous with Robert Henry Miller Jr. it is family. September 28, 1941 was not just the beginning of his life, it was the beginning of an entire generation of remarkable human beings whose roots were planted in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

“Bob” came into this world and almost immediately assumed a fatherly role by helping his parents Anne and Robert Sr. rear 6 other siblings. His 3 brothers & 3 sisters (Sharon, Mike, Tim, Nancy, Pat, & Colleen) were training grounds for the 6 children of his own that he would eventually raise with his high school sweetheart, Sondra “Sunny” Lee Miller. While the two of them attended different schools, their families were neighborhood friends and they spent almost every free moment together attending football games, dances, and hanging out at their favorite spot, “Bledsoe’s Beach at Lake James in Angola, Indiana.

After the two of them graduated high school, Bob attended Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio earning a Bachelor degree but not before marrying the love of his life, Sunny on September 1st, 1962. During his summers at Xavier, Bob found his career path leading toward the electrical wholesale industry by helping out with the family business, Mossman Yarnelle Electrical Supply. After graduating from college in 1963, he and Sunny returned to Ft. Wayne to join the family business full-time and start a life and family of their own.

Between 1963 and 1970, Bob managed his family’s business, fathered four of his six children, (Cheryl, Chris, Kim, and Kevin) and achieved a lifelong dream of obtaining his pilot’s license and purchasing an aircraft. Shortly after that and to his surprise, the family business was sold and his trajectory then led him to San Diego, California.

The West Coast chapter of he and Sunny’s life started with nothing but challenges. His brother Mike boldly volunteered to drive Cheryl, Chris, and Kim “Griswold Style” across the country, Sunny took a flight with then 2 week old Kevin, and Bob courageously flew his small “Cherokee” plane solo to California only to be greeted with one of the most monstrous rainstorms of the year that closed Lindbergh Field just shortly after he touched down on the runway.

For the next 6 years, Bob found himself deeply rooted in the California electrical industry in management positions amongst various companies before finding his most permanent of workplaces at CED (Consolidated Electrical Distributors). During his time at CED, he and Sunny added two more to the Miller tribe in the form of Brad and Ryan and also purchased a house in San Carlos, San Diego. Here, Bob, Sunny, Cheryl, Chris, Kim, Kevin, Brad, & Ryan found themselves a part of an amazing neighborhood surrounded by a group of stellar families that laid the groundwork for a legendary era in the Miller life story full of good times, great stories, and unforgettable block parties.

While most of his time was spent working and keeping his family clothed, roofed, and fed, Bob was a longtime Chargers season ticket holder spending countless Sundays tailgating & attending games with neighborhood friends and family. Above all other past times and passions, one of his favorite spots in the world was behind the plate calling balls and strikes as an umpire at San Carlos Little League. His “STEEERRRIIIIIIKE!!!” calls reverberate in the memories of every young ball player of his era and many thought his true calling was in Major League Baseball. Beyond “Home Plate” in San Carlos, Lake Arrowhead was like Christmas in Summer for the entire family and was by far one of his and the entire family’s favorite memories & places in the world.

Robert Henry Miller Jr, was a man of few words but some things need not be spoken. His dedication to the well being of his family was without question. While perhaps in an unorthodox method, it’s undeniable that Bob provided for his own brothers and sisters, for his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. He may not have realized it but he truly changed the world with the people he brought into it. The following paragraph is dedicated to the people that he and Sunny created as well as his surviving immediate family. May you Rest In Peace Dad, Grandpa, Great Grandpa. We all LOVE you and look forward to reuniting in eternity. Thank you for giving us what meant most to you…FAMILY

Siblings – Sharon, Mike, Tim, Pat, Nancy, Colleen
Children – Cheryl, Chris, Kim, Kevin, Brad, Ryan
Grandchildren – Tyler, Kylie, Chase, Jake (Cheryl’sI  Nick (Chris’/ Tanner, Hunter (Kim’s/ Lexi, Imani (Kevin’s) McKenzie (Brad’s)
Great Grandchildren – Mason, Delilah, Penelope (Nick’s)

Family and friends can direct donations in honor of Bob to the Ronald McDonald House:



We are so sorry to hear of your loss, our thoughts are with your family

Sandra Ream Brehse on November 20, 2017

To the Miller family. I am truly sorry for your loss. I know this can be a hard time for everyone. Just know I am thinking of all your family.

Jerry Byrum on November 19, 2017

Sorry for your loss

Dave Hahn on November 18, 2017

Much love to all the Millers in this tough time. Your dad was a good man and will be missed! Thinking of you all.

Kate McCarty on November 17, 2017

Chris...Very well written and such a tribute. So many things I didn't know. But so glad to have shared so many of those memories. Just hearing him answer the phone is still in my memory....MILLERS. in his understated tone. Will give you and the whole crew a big hug tomorrow. Dwight PS. SWEEP the STONES UP, HUH?!

Dwight McCarty on November 17, 2017