Mary Elynn Estocado Mangibin

June 5, 1960 to August 29, 2018

Mary Elynn Estocado Mangibin was born to be the first child of Dominador Mangibin and Nimfa Villarosa Estocado on June 5th, 1960 and she was a happy child.

She grew up in Olongapo City, Philippines with families, relatives and friends surrounding and culminating her conservative values and love of GOD. Mary Elynn, also known as Elynn or Babes, Ate Bhee or Auntie Baby. Her name means sun ray or light in Greek, also means Nymph in Welsh.  Elynn has 5 other siblings she loved very dearly. Growing up she fondly set herself as a well-mannered daughter and a good example for her siblings. She is known to have had a very long amount of patience, had LOVE for everyone and had a demure smile on her face and just welcoming but with reservations.

She graduated from a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and became an excellent Certified Pharmacy Technician in recent years.

She had a strong spiritual determination and perseverance in life and enjoyed being who she was, her perspective and beliefs. She remains herself unaffected from this chaotic world.

Mary Elynn will be missed by her Dad Dominador, by her 3 brothers-Joel, Troy and Aries, by her niece Sarah and nephew Andrew, by her cousins Grace and Lani, by her sister-in-law Mila, by her dearest friend Daisy, co-worker friends and Others who she loved and touched.

Mary Elynn passed away on August 29, 2018 at 4:54pm pacific time.