Eloise Marie Maloney

November 12, 1921 to November 3, 2017

Eloise Maloney passed away at home in La Mesa, California on November 3, 2017. She was the widow of Colonel Emmons Maloney. They shared 67 years of marriage together.

Born on November 12, 1921, in Wisconsin, Eloise was the daughter of Ernest & Alice. She joined the Woman Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service (WAVES/Navy) in 1943 and was stationed in Oakland, California. After her tour of duty ending in November 1945, she returned to Wisconsin where she worked at the Wisconsin Employment Office.  In the summer of 1946, she met the love her of life, Emmons Maloney, and they were married in October 1946. Being the wife of a Marine was challenging, moving often and waiting for Emmons to return from his long tours of duty.

Eloise enjoyed raising a large family, entertaining, cooking, baking, visiting friends/family, and shopping seemed to be a pleasing hobby. She volunteered for many woman, military, school and Catholic Church organizations.

Eloise had six children who are scattered throughout the USA. In chronological order they are: Christine Hopkins, deceased:  Malene Murad, in North Carolina:  Emmons George, deceased: Calvin, in Arizona:  Denise Sapp, in California: Patrick, also in California. Additionally Rollin Hopkins, son-in-law, Dr. Joseph Murad, son-in-law, Jinx Maloney, daughter-in-law, Steve Sapp, son-in-law & Ernesto Ramirez, son-in-law. Beside her immediate family, she has 12 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

Burial services will be at Arlington National Cemetery at a future date. Memorial donations in lieu of flowers may be made to the Marine Corps Aviation Association (MCAA).

Eloise, my mother’s niece, was a woman who lovingly devoted her life to her husband and family, raising five children while her husband served 4 tours over 30 years in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. As the spouse of a decorated marine officer, her sacrifice was exemplary, especially given the fact that it was a time when military spouses awaited letters to hear from their loved ones. Eloise was a master of a dying art: personal communication. Her extraordinary memory spanned the bridge of time, serving to pass on precious details of the family heritage that will be treasured forever by many.

Linda Loomis on November 11, 2017

To my very first BFF,now as my 7:00-8:00 pm.hr rolls around I have a “empty” monitor to look at,but knowing that you are where you have prayed to be for the last 4.5 years makes me happy.Sad, that you’ve left your earthly position as matriarch of our family,but knowing this is where your journey has ended. You will live in our hearts and minds of the many lives you touched.You are with the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE,your #1 daughter and your #1son,so Rest In Peace,Mom,until we all are reunited we love and miss you-Mal,Joe,Steph,Bryan & Kim

Malene Murad on November 10, 2017

So sorry to hear of your lost. It is so very hard loosing a parent. I am praying for your family God will take care of you.

Sandra Causey on November 10, 2017

Grandma, there is not enough space for me to share all the memories I have with you but the ones that stick out the most are not only the most recent but when Bryan & I use to come visit for the summers. Making us eat everything on our plates, because if we put it on there we were to eat it all. Also our milk. Milk every night for dinner. That’s why we ended up so strong.😜 And also teaching us manners, Kim, Kim strong and able get your elbows off the table. Sure as a kid I thought it was ridiculous but BOY did it teach me A LOT!! Thanks for all of the life lessons, stories, time spent with you and grandpa. Showing me what a “true” love and marriage looks like!! Give grandpa a HUGE hug from me and tell Aunt Chris hey and that I still love a good Bloody Mary! Also tell Uncle Emmons hey and we love him!! 😢😢🙏🏻💜💛

Kim Brubaker on November 09, 2017

Eloise, thank you for welcoming me into your family 38 years ago when I married your youngest daughter. You have always treated me with love and kindness. I feel blessed that I was able to be a part of your life and have you has a part of mine. Say hello to Emmons and to my mom and dad for me.

Steve Sapp on November 09, 2017

Eloise was the kindest, most generous and loving mother anyone could ever ask for! She certainly did have the "gift of gab"but in a wonderful way. One of my fond memories, was at Christmas. I think that is why I love Christmas so much today. I loved the tradition of the elves leaving a present on the doorstep a couple weeks before Christmas. I looked forward to the huge amount of Christmas cookies she would bake and have us decorate them. We would get bored after the first dozen and leave the rest to her. (Hmmm, that's what my girls used to do too!) The memory of her driving me to the hospital when I was in Labor with Ashley, and driving about 40 miles an hour on the freeway ! "Step on it Mom or else we are going to have this baby in your precious car" She was always there for any of her six children in good times and bad. She certainly had a marriage made in heaven. And that's exactly where she wanted to be the last four and a half years! Your prayers have finally been answered and you are reunited with The love of your life, and your eldest daughter and son. You had a wonderful, fantastic and long life! I am so proud to be your daughter!

Denise Maloney Sapp on November 09, 2017

To the best Mom anyone could have asked for. I have so many fond memories of her..... taking me to Toy-R-Us after scary doctor's appointments, baking me my favorite Christmas cookies, making me the best Halloween costumes, surprising me in 1st Grade with birthday cupcakes made in ice cream cones, helping me make the coolest forts in the living room, telling Santa's Elves that I was a good boy, finding me my very first job, finding me my very first car,..... I love you Mom. Say hello to Dad, Chris & Emmons for me.

Patrick Maloney on November 08, 2017

I only knew you for about 12 years but I got to say, you stole my heart right away. With your golden heart, your generosity and beautiful smile, I always fell welcomed, like I was part of your beautiful family. I love you Mom and Dad. You are always going to be in my heart and my thoughts.

Ernesto Ramirez on November 08, 2017

Grams, I will always remember you taking us to the movies (but getting candy before hand so to not pay those "outrageous movie prices"), your breakfast in the mornings when we'd visit, and your stories with your vivid memory. My favorite memory of you will always be the family reunion and seeing how happy you were to have all of your children and grandchildren at the same time in the house you loved so much. You are now reunited with Pop, Chris, and Emmons. You will always be missed and forever loved by all of your family. We love you. Brent, Teresa, Olson, and Sutton

Brent Maloney on November 08, 2017

You're at peace now mom with dad. Dad ALWAYS told us kids MANY times, " Your mother has a heart of GOLD". And you always did and still do. I'm sorry I picked up the phone and listened to your phone calls on the other phone when I was little. I'm sorry Emmons and I started the dumpster on fire at the B.O.Q. at Cherry Point.(it was his idea) I could go on but it's the past now. One thing that will never go away are the memories. We Love you Mom Cal, Jinx, kids and grandchildren.

Cal Maloney on November 08, 2017