Whole Body Donation

We’re pleased to offer our families a no-cost option for cremation. Our partnership with the nation’s leading whole body donor program allows us to provide this service and still handle all cremation arrangements directly.

Science Care Whole Body DonationSupporting Medical Research

We coordinate with the first accredited whole body donation program in the country supporting medical research, training and professional education. A donation to science allows you to make a significant contribution to new breakthroughs and developments in medicine, including advanced physician training, device development and disease research.

Services include

  • Transportation from the place of passing to the donation facility
  • Cremation
  • Filing of death certificate
  • Return of cremated remains in 3-5 weeks

Almost anyone can donate and most illnesses and past surgeries are accepted, including cancer, heart disease, arthritis, stroke and diabetes. Organ transplant donors may also be eligible for whole body donation. Exclusions include contagious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B & C, active tuberculosis, severe obesity, decomposition, or trauma.

Pre-registration is available but not required. Patients under hospice care can also participate in an advanced medical screening to determine if they meet current criteria.

To learn more, contact us and ask about our no-cost cremation option.

Science Care Donor Introduction