Understanding Funeral Costs

San Diego area families count on us to provide the highest standards of service, and the best possible value, and we are proud that the families we serve recommend us to others. We invite your questions, and promise there will be no unexpected costs or unpleasant surprises.

Pre-Need Agreements

Prior to drafting any contract for goods or services, you will receive a copy of any pre-need agreement with the funeral home that has been signed and paid for, in full, in part, by or on behalf of the person who has died. You are legally entitled to this.

Basic Funeral Services

Any funeral arrangements you select will include a charge for our basic services and overhead. This fee is already included in our charges for direct cremations, direct (immediate) burials, and forwarding or receiving remains.

Basic services include:

  • Arrangement conference
  • Coordination of service plans with all involved in the final disposition
  • Professional support and administrative staff assistance
  • Assistance in obtaining the permit and death certificates as required
  • Preparation of required forms
  • Proportionate share of overhead, including facility maintenance, insurance, administrative costs, and governmental compliance

Other Services, Facilities and Equipment Costs

In addition to our basic services fee, other costs may include:

  • Transfer of remains to the funeral home
  • Forwarding of remains to another funeral home or receiving of remains from another funeral home
  • Embalming or other preparation of the body
  • Sheltering of remains, and custodial care
  • Use of facilities, staff and services
  • Transportation to the funeral site
  • Immediate burial (includes our Basic Services fee)
  • Direct cremation (includes our Basic Services fee)

Funeral Merchandise

These are costs for merchandise that are dependent upon the type of service you choose, and other personal choices.  For example:

  • Transportation related merchandise such as shipping liners
  • Internet tributes, DVD memorials
  • Funeral merchandise (caskets, vaults, urns and other containers)
  • Service related merchandise such as guest books or prayer cards
  • Floral offerings
  • Headstones or grave markers

Affordable Funeral Merchandise

You don’t need to purchase your casket or urn from Legacy Funeral & Cremation Care, but we want you to know that we purchase our merchandise from several manufacturers in order to bring you the best selection of caskets, urns, and keepsake items at the best price.  Please stop by and visit our beautiful merchandise display room.

Cash Advance Items

Cash advance items include services that are purchased and arranged on your behalf, such as:

  • Filing fees
  • Certified copies of death certificates
  • Clergy honorarium
  • Musicians and flowers
  • Obituaries
  • Vehicles  for transportation
  • Medical Examiner
  • Cemetery Fees

Other Funeral Cost Considerations

When you are considering the total cost of a funeral, you should also consider related expenses such as the cemetery, markers and memorials, travel and hotel costs, and the cost of a reception.

The cost of a funeral is a as varied as the personal choices that you make. The cost of any services and items you choose will be carefully and thoroughly explained before purchase. You may view and download our General Price List and our Casket Price List, or pick up a copy at Legacy Funeral & Cremation Care during business hours. You can also call us at 619-337-1400.

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