The Importance of Funerals

Since the beginning of time, funerals have been a way for families and friends to come together to celebrate a life, create a sense of community, share memories, tears and even laughter. Experts agree these comforting rituals help bring acceptance and closure, allowing those left behind to move on.

A Family Matter

A funeral can be a meaningful expression of love and remembrance, a supportive and thoughtful ceremony. At Legacy Funeral & Cremation Care, we take great care in helping families arrange and coordinate funerals that are personal and unique, reflecting the life of the person who has died.

Military and Other Fraternal Organizations

As the exclusive San Diego County Veteran’s Funeral Care provider, we arrange for proper military services. We also handle services involving fraternal organizations.

Honoring Religious, Cultural, and Ethnic Traditions

Located in the middle of the culturally diverse communities of Greater San Diego, we respect and accommodate all religious and cultural preferences, traditions and rituals including:

  • Bah’i
  • Buddhist
  • Catholic
  • Eastern Orthodox
  • Greek Orthodox
  • Hindu
  • Islamic
  • Jewish
  • Protestant
  • Latter-Day Saints
  • Shinto
  • Sikhism