The Arrangement Conference

The arrangement conference is a meeting between you and our funeral arranger to plan a fitting funeral for the deceased. We’ll help you understand your options, show you what’s possible, and most importantly, make sure there are no surprises.

Planning a Fitting Funeral

The arrangement conference serves three primary purposes:

  1. Sharing information needed to handle essential paperwork such as the death certificate, obituary, and insurance matters.
  2. Making personal decisions regarding how you want to remember the person who has died.
  3. Deciding on a funeral service and burial option that are fitting for you and your family.

This can take up to several hours. Every family’s needs are different, and we let you set the pace. To help you prepare, we’ve provided a list of items to bring with you to the arrangement conference

Personal Decisions

We encourage you to ask your family and friends to be involved in funeral planning. Participating in the arrangements can help begin the healing process.

Open or Closed Casket

Deciding whether to have an open or closed casket is a personal family choice. Seeing loved one provides a focus that can help people begin to say their goodbyes.

Pallbearers, Clergy and Advisers

Most people ask family and friends to serve as pallbearers but we can provide pallbearers for your service if you need help. If you would like a member of the clergy or a spiritual adviser to officiate at the services, we will coordinate and schedule the services with them. If you don’t know who to contact, we have a chaplain on staff. We can also make arrangements with local clergy on your behalf.

Other Considerations

  • Where and when will services be held?
  • Do you want to publish an obituary, and if so, who will write it?
  • Do you want to publish a favorite charity for memorial gifts or donations in lieu of flowers?
  • Do you need to choose a cemetery or other final resting place?
  • Do you need to purchase and make arrangements for a monument or marker?
  • What kind of funeral service is the most appropriate? Should it be simple or elaborate, public or private, religious or secular?
  • What’s the best way to memorialize the person who has died?
  • Should there be a viewing, a visitation, a funeral service, a committal service?
  • Who will participate in the service? Will there be musicians, or speakers?
  • Do you want floral arrangements for the service or memorial? If so, what flowers are appropriate?
  • Will the remains be buried, cremated, or otherwise interred?
  • Will the body be present at the funeral service?
  • If there is a casket, will it be open or closed?

How Much Does a Funeral Cost?

The cost of a funeral is a varied as the personal choices you make. The cost of any services and items you choose will be carefully and thoroughly explained before purchase. You may view and download our General Price List and our Casket Price List, or pick up a copy at Legacy Funeral & Cremation Care during business hours. You can also call us at 619-337-1400.

For more information, please visit Understanding Funeral Costs.