Celebrating a Life

There is no right or wrong way to celebrate a life. It’s a very personal choice. We encourage you to plan a personalized and meaningful funeral that emphasizes the life of the person who has died. Your options are almost limitless, and we do our best to accommodate every request.

Reflecting the Life of Someone Who Has Died

Take some time to think about the qualities that reflect the life of the person who has died and how they might like to be remembered. What are their hobbies and passions—their favorite music? What honors and awards have they received? Are they sports enthusiasts, game players, volunteers, gardeners? Reach out to family and friends for stories and meaningful moments to share.

Ways You Can Personalize a Funeral

We listen, suggest, organize and help you create a ceremony as unique as the person whose life you are celebrating. And personalizing a funeral doesn’t have to involve great expense. Here are a few ideas you may find helpful:

  • Gather photographs that represent the life of the person who has died and mount them on a memory board or display them in frames.
  • Display item’s that reflect the hobbies, activities, career and passions of the person who has died such as golf clubs, quilts, awards and honors, or favorite books.
  • Make a CD of their favorite music to play during the service or arrange for musicians to perform favorite songs.
  • Choose flowers that have meaning to the person who died.
  • Print favorite poems or create a personalized program to give to those who attend.
  • Invite family and friends to share stories and memories. Don’t be afraid to encourage laughter.
  • Create a digital photo gallery or an online tribute to play during the memorial. You can even make DVD’s for attendees. We can recommend professional services.
  • Invite family and friends to participate in special ceremonies such as a candle lighting, or dove release.
  • Plan a reception and allow friends and family to gather and remember the deceased in a less formal atmosphere. Serve your loved one’s favorite foods.
  • Plan a special gathering in a meaningful location such as the seashore or woods, a garden, a golf course, or favorite restaurant.